FanDuel Week 11 Bargain Buys

So, who are the players that you are targeting this week in FanDuel?  You want to start all great players, but cannot because of the salary cap?  This column is for you.  Here we will list a few players at each position that we consider “Bargain Buys.”  So, what defines a GM Fantasy Pros Bargain Buy?  We consider a bargain buy a player that has a great opportunity to perform at a higher level than what their salary cap reflects.  That being said, we won’t be covering the top players at each position.  The players listed below should help fill in around some of the stars.  Let’s get started on FanDuel Week 11 Bargain Buys!


  • Robert Griffen III (WAS)- $7400
  • Teddy Bridgewater (MIN) – $6600
  • Brian Hoyer – (CLE) – $6200

RG3 has the 2nd best matchup of any quarterback this week.  (Cam Newton has the best statistically)  Tampa Bay has been absolutely terrible against the pass as they are giving up over 277 yards per game through the air.  RG3 has a nice deep ball, and hopefully we will see him have a few more rushing yards in this game.  He should post a quality stat line in a game that features 2 less than desirable defensive units.

Teddy isn’t in this article because he is lighting the world on fire this season.  He is here because Chicago has been playing poor football, and Teddy is at a bargain price.  Chicago is giving up over 260 yards per game through the air and the Vikings will likely see the return of Kyle Rudolph to the passing game.

Cleveland has been playing some good ball in recent weeks and surprisingly Houston is giving up nearly 275 per game through the air.  With Clowney only to see a limited number of snaps, Hoyer should be able to get through the Texans DST effectively.  In addition, Andrew Hawkins is practicing this week, which means that Hoyer could have even more upside.

Running Backs

  • Jeremy Hill (CIN) – $6500
  • Shane Vereen (NE) – $6500
  • Ryan Mathews (SD) – $6200

Yes, I know that Hill dogged all of us last week.  This week could be different however as he has earned another start with Bernard likely out again.  On the surface, New Orleans looks like a bad matchup, but the reality is this:  They are giving up over 100 yards per game on the ground.  In addition, opposing running backs are averaging 7 catches for over 45 yards receiving per game.  That bodes well from a FanDuel perspective and at $6500, Hill projects out as a great bargain.

Shane Vereen is also a bargain price this week.  While the Colts DST doesn’t give up quite 100 yards per game, what they do is provide a great receiving game for opposing backs.  The Colts DST is giving up 6+ catches for over 55 yards per game to opposing backs.  This is a matchup that I would expect the Patriots to exploit.  The combination of rushing and receiving could make Vereen a great play at this price.

San Diego has openly said that Ryan Mathews is expected to only see around 15 carries this game.  The good thing for Mathews is that 15 carries should be enough as Oakland is giving up over 130 yards per game on the ground.  This also doesn’t account for the receiving part of Mathew’s game.  At $6200, there may not be a better play.

Wide Receivers

  • Kelvin Benjamin (ATL) – $6600
  • Vincent Jackson (TB) – $6500
  • Pierre Garcon (WAS) – $6500

I’d image that Benjamin is here because of how poorly Newton has been playing.  Having said that, he still shouldn’t be this cheap.  He scored twice last week in a terrible game for the Panthers.  This week they take on the Atlanta Falcons who are not only giving up over 280 yards per game through the air (the worst in the league), they are also giving up great points to opposing #1 WR’s.

The Redskins are only giving up about 220 yards per game through the air, so why is Vincent here?  He is here because the Skins are giving up nearly 7 catches for 70 yards per game against opposing #2 WR’s.  The way Evans has been playing, he should gather more attention which should also open things up for Jackson.

As bad as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at pass defense, I’d expect Garcon to get in on the action as well this week.  There should be more than enough yardage to go around.  If that isn’t enough, the Bucs are also giving up over 5 passes per game to opposing #2 WR’s.  Garcon is certainly risk/reward, but the opportunity for some catches and a score is there for him.

Tight Ends

  • Dwayne Allen (IND) – $6100
  • Mychal Rivera (OAK) – $5800
  • Vernon Davis (SF) – $5300

In my opinion, Allen is a steal at $6100 this week.  New England is giving up an average of 8 passes per game for over 60 yards to the tight end position.  Add that to the way that Luck has played this season and the fact that Allen is a red zone threat and you have a recipe for success.

We were right on Rivera last week and hopefully it paid off for someone out there.  This week I expect another quality stat line.  He has the 4th best tight end matchup of the week.  San Diego has been unusually suspect against the passing game as of late.  I also expect San Diego to be ahead for a large part of this game which should lead to a passing day for Derek Carr.

Does Vernon ever come through?  Here is the unfortunate truth for all of us:  Yes, but you’ll never know when it will happen.  That alone makes Davis a tough prediction.  The thing that he does have going for him this week however is that he has the best TE matchup of the week against the Giants.  The Giants are giving up over 7 passes for 65 yards per game to the tight end position.  If there is any week that Vernon should be able to produce, this would be the week.

Kicker Quick Picks

  • Mason Crosby (GB) – $4800
  • Kai Forbath (WAS) – $4800
  • Blair Walsh (MIN) – $4500

Defense/ST Quick Picks

  • Houston Texans – $5100
  • New Orleans Saints – $4700
  • Chicago Bears – $4600

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