Top Mock Draft Simulators

GM Fantasy Football

Here at GM Fantasy Pros, we pride ourselves on providing quality information.  In addition, we also enjoy providing analysis for other tools in the Fantasy Football world.  Here we will be discussing Mock Draft Websites and which sites we believe are the “Top 10″ sites out there and why.  Keep in mind here that we will only be doing a review of Mock Draft Simulators that are free.  We will note however if there is a paid offer available.  Let’s get started!

Fantasy Pros (Grade A-)

Fantasy Pros sure shares in a great name!  No seriously, for anyone looking to complete a fantasy football mock draft, this draft simulator is difficult to top and it is high on our list.  Here are some of the benefits of Fantasy Pros Mock Simulator:

  • Adjustable number of teams
  • Standard or PPR Scoring
  • Ability to customize roster requirements
  • Able to choose draft spot
  • The draft is fast and there is little waiting in between selections.

The downside of Fantasy Pros is that it lacks the feel and realism of an actual draft.  Overall, we still grade it out as an (A-) because the ADP is close enough to make the simulator useful. (Grade A+)

It really should not come as a surprise that ranks as the Top option for mock draft simulators.  It really has just about anything that the average fantasy football fan wants in regard to being able to do a mock draft.  Here are some of the benefits of the mock draft simulator:

  • The look and feel of what a fantasy football mock draft should have.
  • You can choose between 10, 12, or 14 teams.
  • Ability to choose your draft spot.
  • Easy to choose time slots so that the wait is minimal.
  • Standard, PPR, Auction, and IDP
  • Timed clock during the draft with easy to view rankings, including an overall ranking.

The downside of is that you have to wait between picks.  While it is very real like, if you are strapped for time, or not patient enough to wait, you could end up leaning toward a different simulator.  Overall, we feel that it grades out as an (A+) because it really does offer the average fantasy football fan about everything that they want.